Monday, 7 January 2013

A little bit of background…

My name is Caitlin-Clare,

I’m 19 years old
Currently I’m studying Law at the University of Liverpool, and literally enjoying every single moment! I have some great friends and the city is so underrated!

I spend most of my time telling friends, family… basically anyone who will listen about bits and bobs I’ve discovered in the beauty world so I thought why not expand and tell others as I personally love reading reviews and blogs myself! As I absolutely love anything girly; floral, sparkly, make up, perfume blah blah most posts will probably be based around these!

I also like to travel and go on mini adventures so there will be little snippets of that thrown in here and there.
The cute design of my blog is down to my babe of a boyfriend, as I am computer illiterate!

Love CC


  1. hey thanks for your comment! i'd love to share some advice. first off, remember quality not quantity! that's very important. posting constantly won't give you new followers, but as long as you're producing good posts with good pictures, you'll gain followers. Second, leave comments on posts all the time! this will help people find out about you. also, if you're struggling on what kinds of posts to make, people love to read reviews, hauls, makeup looks, favorites, anything in that nature. what i do when i'm stuck is I read a bunch of other posts for inspiration! let me know if you need any help with anything. xx

  2. I love your cute little blog! You are so pretty! I love your header with the gorgeous lady! I'm computer illiterate also, so that's why my blog design sucks! haha! ;D

  3. aw lovely post, gorge pictures. I'm sort of new to this whole thing too.
    now following and looking forward to more posts lovely :)

  4. Welcome to the blogging world, hope you enjoy it, your blogs already looking cute, i love the picture in your header.

    Carol x